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Auto-Arm 2000 is a unique microprocessor-controlled 2-axis hoist designed to provide process control for vapor degreaser, ultrasonic consoles and other parts cleaning processes.  Auto-Arm can travel horizontally and vertically and stop for independent programmable dwell at various positions.  Up to four devices or options can be activated or deactivated during a cleaning cycle.  These include automatic cover, circulating filter, ultrasonics and/or internal sprays.  Vertical and horizontal travel speed is set at nine feet per minute.

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  Machine Specifications........

arrow.gif (285 bytes) Control Box
     Off-On:    System Power
   Cycle Start:    Starts Automatic Mode
   E-Stop:    Stops all Hoist Motion        (pull to release)
     Reset:    Push to resume operation   after E-Stop.
arrow.gif (285 bytes) Touch Pad
      Displays current mode/event/fault conditions. Allows operator to program:
  Dwell:          Time per event            
  Jog:             Select/unselect
  Aux. Skip:   Skips selected aux. output functions
  Depth:         Set depth of event ( Intermediate transfer height)
  Program:     Select program to run, manual mode, non-immersion, immersion or custom engineered cycle
  Manual Hoist Activation:      5 buttons: U-D-L-R-Reset-Home
arrow.gif (285 bytes) Weight                                                           BASE        SHIP WEIGHT
     Hoist Mechanism:  72 lbs          92 lbs   
   Control Box:  30 lbs          50 lbs
   Stanchion & Horiz. Channel Assembly  55-65 lbs     75-85 lbs
arrow.gif (285 bytes) Dimensions                                       Shipping Dimensions
     18" high 24 " high
   12" wide 18" wide
     12" deep 18" deep
arrow.gif (285 bytes) Vertical Load
    40 lb. Max. Continuous Duty (For higher loads consult factory)
arrow.gif (285 bytes) Vertical Travel
  0-120" standard, 121" above custom, Speed 9 FPM (Fixed)
arrow.gif (285 bytes) Horizontal Travel
  0-Bar Length (20' Maximum) Standard Speed 9 FPM (Fixed)
arrow.gif (285 bytes) Dwell Timing
  0-10 Min. + standard per event, Adjustable 5 sec. increments.
   Other timing on special order
arrow.gif (285 bytes) Electrical
  120 volts (AC), 60 Hz, 3 amps  
  10 amps @ 120 volts (AC)
  Blown Indicator on all Fuses

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