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The "Freedom Series" has all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of the open top Vapor Degreaser. Please examine the features of the "Freedom Series" to see if it meets with your parts cleaning requirements.

Freedom from ..
arrow.gif (285 bytes) emission regulation fears Federal, State or Regional
arrow.gif (285 bytes) worry about operator exposure
arrow.gif (285 bytes) air emissions   
arrow.gif (285 bytes) being forced into a cleaning process that doesn't work
arrow.gif (285 bytes) changing your cleaning process because of government  regulations   
arrow.gif (285 bytes) having to get a permit or a guarantee of being issued one

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Freedom Series

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The "Freedom Series" is a single working chamber cleaning system that transfers solvent from washing and rinsing to and from a solvent support chassis. The drying of the chamber and parts is accomplished by pulling a vacuum on the working chamber. Emission control is accomplished with cryogenics or active carbon. All cleaning action, solvent transfer and drying takes place in a totally sealed atmosphere.

Cleaning energy is not restricted and can be any one or a combination of the following:

  • Spray-almost any volume/pressure can be specified
  • Spray under immersion
  • Part Rotation
  • Ultrasonics

The solvent support chassis contains all pumps, plumbing and controls, as well as solvent storage, distillate storage and solvent recovery still. The working chamber can either be an integral part of the support chassis or remoted. It is also possible to have more than one chamber operate off of one support chassis.

For more information about the "Freedom Series"  visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or use our convenient Contact Page.

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