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Asahi Glass, Ltd. is pleased to announce the commercialization and EPA acceptance of an environmentally sensible CFC-113 replacement. The selective solvency, physical properties, and ability to form azeotropes make AK-225 ideal for many of the applications where no
replacement for CFC-113 exists.

DuPont Vertrel(r) Specialty Fluids are non-flammable, environmentally safe (ODP=0), low GWP solvents engineered for high performance precision cleaning and defluxing applications in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, semiconductors and fiber-optics applications.



       Unique Equipment Corporation
Mailing address: 2029 Verdugo Blvd. M/S 1005
Montrose, CA  91020-1626
Shipping Address:  Please Call
Phone: 818-409-8900
Cel: 818-822-8886 
Fax: 818-409-0100