Standard Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers

Standard Aireless Vacuum Vapor Degreaser


  • January 2018

Standard Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreasers

Serec's standard line of Airless™ Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Machines provides you with high performance vacuum cleaning machines that meet many application requirements. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, our innovative designs provide efficient, environmentally-friendly cleaning for industrial applications. The cleaning process exceeds all EPA & OSHA regulations, and has achieved the "Maximum Achievable Control Technology" standard, resulting in the process to be SCAQMD permitted in California; the most stringent environmental laws in America. Since 1990, Serec installed over (40) machines in the state of California.

Standard Airless Vacuum Vapor Degreaser Details

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 Model #  Square Chamber Size  Round Chamber Size  Capacity  Overall Dimensions
 1200  12"x12"x12"  12" Ø x 12" H  100-250 lbs/hr  72" x 60" x 72"
 1800  18"x18"x18"  18" Ø x 18" H  200-400 lbs/hr  84" x 72" x 80"
 2400  24"x24"x24"  24" Ø x 24" H  400-800 lbs/hr  120" x 90" x 96"
 3600  36"x36"x36"  24" Ø x 24" H  600-2000 lbs/hr  148" x 96" x 96"

 Standard Cleaning Process Optional Equipment Optional Equipment
 Soak/Immersion  Horizontal Loading  Boiler/condensate package
 Recirculation  Ultrasonics  Chiller
 Cold Solvent Spray  Basket rotation, oscillation  Automatic load/unload
 Vapor Degreasing  Secondary cleaning tank  Filtration packages
 Vacuum Drying  Carbon adsorption system  Exterior cover panels
   Enhanced distillation unit  

 Aerospace  Medical  R&D
 Automotive  Metal Finishing  Refrigeration
 Bearings  Metal Stamping  Screw Machine
 Dewaxing  Military  Semiconductors
 Electronics  Optics  Sintered Metal
 Fasterners  Powdered Metal  Tooling
 Filter/Membrane  Printed Circuit Boards  Tubes/Pipes

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