Modular Belt Washer

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  • January 2018

Modular Belt Washer

The Modular Belt Washer (MBW) is a conveyer belt system designed to customize your cleaning process.

Aqualine Belt Washers

Unlike other aqueous belt washers, this system comes with a wide array of features, including stainless steel belts and tank construction, side and bottom spray, a high pressure top spray, electric immersion heaters, immersion modules and belt-on-belt conveyor, gas or steam heat - amongst others.

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• Stainless Steel Construction
• Many Conveyor Designs & Construction Materials Available
• Isolated Process Zones To Prevent Cross Contamination Of Stages
• Many Pump & Blower Options
• Available Glass Viewing Windows
• Many Filtration Options Available
• Easy Access Spray Manifolds
• UL Listed
• PLC Control / Color Touchscreen MMI
• Temperature Displays
• Conveyor Speed Control / Display
• Panel Mounted Pressure Gauges
• Stainless Steel Drip Pan
• Acoustic Insulation For Quiet Operation
• Available ESD Protection
• Bag Filters
• Liquid Sealed Spray Zone
• Easy Conversion: Aqueous or Semi Aqueous
• Automatic Cleaning Agent Makeup
• Available Marine Style Cleanout Doors

• Aqueous & Semi-Aqueous Chemistries
• Electronic, Precision & Industrial Configurations
• High Speed & Throughput
• Flexible & Scalable Design
• Many Conveyor Options Including Monorail
• Electric, Steam Or Gas Heat

Baron-Blakeslee's capable team of engineers is available to answer for any custom-design requests. Please contact Unique Equipment Corporation for more information about this belt washer system, and how we can meet your requirements.

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