Modular Cleaning Systems

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  • January 2018

Industrial Cleaning Systems

The Modular Cleaning System (MCS) is an industrial equipment line that has been designed to batch clean many different part types with ease.

Aqueous Cleaning Systems

Like other modular cleaning systems, this parts washer can be custom-built based on your company's requirements and size specifications.

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• Full Stainless Steel Construction
• Many Filtration Options Available
• Spray Under Immersion Agitation
• Available Eductor Nozzles
• Optional Ultrasonics
• Polypropylene Tank Liners For Corrosive Chemistries
• UL Listed
• PLC Control / Color Touchscreen MMI
• Electric, Steam Or Gas Heat
• Integrated Tank Lids
• Available Explosion Proof Construction
• Work Rest In All Tanks

• Aqueous & Semi-Aqueous Chemistries
• Precision & Industrial Configurations
• Flexible & Scalable Design: Modules May Be Added Later
• Many Process Options
• Customized Material Handling Options
• Electric, Steam Or Gas Heat

Because Baron-Blakeslee's equipment is created with the customer in mind, we also offer smaller tanks for smaller-sized parts and operations. Our optimal add-ons include material handling systems, automation, ultrasonic generators, cabinets and more. Please contact Unique Equipment Corporation for more information on this or other industrial cleaning equipment today.

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