Custom Designed Equipment

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  • January 2018

Custom Designed Degreasing Equipment

We can engineer a wide range of custom designed equipment. Frequently requested custom designs include crossrod degreasers (designed to clean difficult-to-degrease or high volume equipment or parts), monorail degreasers (which can be connected to your plant's monorail conveyor belt, and are designed to clean high volume parts) and inline belt defluxers (designed to clean electronic circuit boards).

Custom Equipment Details

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• Equipment Specifically Engineered For Unique & Challenging Cleaning Processes
• Aqueous, Semi-Aqueous Or Solvent Processes
• Vacuum Vapor Degreasing Systems
• Electric, Steam Or Gas Heating
• Full Stainless Steel Construction
• UL Listed
• Very Large Equipment
• Explosion Proof Construction
• Complete Process Monitoring Options
• Compliance To Challenging Regulatory Scenarios
• Specialized Material Handling Requirements:
— Monorail
— Crossrod
— Vibratory
— Rotation
— Single Or Multi Head Hoists
— Tilting
— Accumulation Conveyors
— heIntegration To Existing Material Handling Systems

Our skilled and experienced Engineers and Fabricators are at your disposal to provide a cleaning system designed to meet your unique and challenging requirements. If your cleaning needs demand equipment that is not available "off the shelf", we can help.

Whether you need standard equipment in a non-standard size or custom designed equipment to accommodate difficult-to-clean parts, we can promise you a state-of-the-art design that will suit your industrial cleaning needs and comply with EPA standards. Please contact Unique Equipment Corporation today for more information.

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