Custom Parts Washer

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  • January 2018

Custom Parts Washer

This aqueous industrial parts washers makes cleaning simple for companies with complex, difficult-to-clean equipment.

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• Ability To Handle Massive Part Loads
• Stainless Steel Construction
• Many Handling Options & Construction Materials Available
• Isolated Process Zones To Prevent Cross Contamination Of Stages
• Many Pump & Blower Options
• Available Glass Viewing Windows
• Many Filtration Options Available
• Easy Access Spray Manifolds
• UL Listed
• PLC Control / Color Touchscreen MMI
• Temperature Displays
• Conveyor Speed Control / Display
• Panel Mounted Pressure Gauges
• Stainless Steel Drip Pan
• Acoustic Insulation For Quiet Operation
• Automatic Cleaning Agent Makeup
• Available Marine Style Cleanout Doors

• Modular Construction Options
• Many Standard Sizes With Custom Sizes Available
• Robust Construction
• Quick Access For Easy Maintenance
• High Speed & Throughput
• Flexible & Scalable Design
• Many Conveyor Options Including Monorail
• Electric, Steam Or Gas Heat

We produce an array of parts cleaning equipment designed to serve a variety of purposes. We make all-in-one modular washers with the capacity to clean, dry and protect against damage. We've also got more specialized models, designed for electronics cleaning and conveyer-belt systems made for an easy, effective cleaning process. Our products can be specially manufactured according to suit your unique needs, so please contact Unique Equipment Corporation for more information today.

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