PCH Hoist — Dual Axis

PCH Series Dual Axis Hoist System


  • January 2018

PCH Dual Axis Hoist

The PCH Dual Axis is one of Baron-Blakeslee's most popular material handling systems.

PCH Series Dual Axis

The PCH is a programmable, cantilever style hoist available on any Baron Blakeslee vapor degreaser. The PCH may also be retrofitted to any existing degreaser. Standard & custom capacities are available.

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The following PCH Hoist systems are intended for these specific M Series degreaser models. PCH-35: MVR-215, MLR-120, MSR-120, MVR-444, MLR-216 & MSR-216. The PCH-35 has a 35lb capacity including parts and the basket. PCH-75: MVR-574, MLR-280, MSR-280, MVR-980, MLR-480 & MSR-480. The PCH-75 has a 75lb capacity including parts and the basket. PCH-150: MVR-980, MLR-480, MSR-480, MVR-1464, MLR-720 & MSR-720. The PCH-150 has a 150lb capacity including parts and the basket.

• Dual Axis Material Handling
•  Simple Cable Type Lift Design
• Cantilevered Support Design
• Design Eliminates Moving Parts Over The Cleaning System
• Square Tube Mast Eliminates Basket Sway
• Dual Adjustable Speeds In Each Direction
• Touchscreen Interface
• PLC Control
• Joystick Based Self-Learning Capability
• Recipe Capable
• Cantilevered Basket Support
• Dedicated Hoist Control Panel

• Two Axis Material Handling
• Many Capacities Available
• Many Customization Options
• Sophisticated Program Capabilities
• Robust, Simple Construction
• All Stainless Steel Construction In Solvent Wetted Areas
• Integrates Seamlessly Onto Any Vapor Degreaser, Regardless Of Manufacturer

The Baron Blakeslee PCH Hoist is a cantilevered two (2) axis material handling system. The system consists of a cantilevered cable lift system, and a horizontal track, and leg assembly. It also includes a control panel, touchscreen, and emergency stop button.

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