Strip Cleaners

Strip Cleaner


  • January 2018

Strip Cleaners

We're proud to offer our clients custom-designed strip cleaning systems based on their unique specifications. We're always ready and willing to work around our customers' needs, ensuring that they receive exactly what they need, when they need, and at a price that's affordable.

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Strip cleaners are designed for the continuous processing of strip type materials in a "reel-to-reel" fashion. Essentially, strip cleaners plug into a process line that consists of a feed reel and some type of industrial process (e.g. stamping, forming, welding, bonding), the strip cleaner itself and then a windup reel. This process by which they operate can be aqueous, or it can use hydrocarbons or a vapor degreasing process. The strip, on the other hand, may be cleaned with ultrasonics, spray, immersion, brushes, etc.

Most customers love that strip cleaning systems can be directly integrated into the manufacturing flow of a customer's factory – removing stamping oils from a continuous strip of metal that is coming off a press, for example. This is how many types of materials are processed, and at Baron Blakeslee, we're happy to say that we can custom design a strip cleaner for just about any application.

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